Pain in your wrist is something I see this come up a lot for folks when they are taking on some level of rehabilitation or pushing their fitness to the next level. Like a pebble in your shoe, it is one of those things that just tends to not be a big deal…until it really is a big deal.

I’ll generally see this come up when someone is either weight bearing through their hands, or while grasping and trying to move some sort of weight or resistance.

In both situations a problematic wrist can shut the whole thing down.

And that is a big problem…. because if you were to take just about any pain or problem that is liming your comfort and freedom, the vast majority of the time you will need to get down on the ground and learn how to crawl all over again if you are going to get moving around upright in any way ironed out.

Weight bearing at some level on your hand seems to be non-negotiable.

So, when in the midst of managing some issue, shoulder or otherwise, a wrist or two starts airing some grievances it can easily feel like you are on the fast path for trading one problem for another.

Now with weightlifting or any form of resistance training…well, it is much of the same story.

Regardless of how willing and able the rest of you may be…the wrist, with all its complaints, just gets in the way of moving forward.

Thankfully there are often some very simple underlying factors that are feeding into the problem, and if they are addressed a chunk of the time the wrist pain is sharply reduced. If not eliminated…

These sorts of factors include:

  1. Prioritizing how you are bearing weight through the hand…there is a spot that is built for it…
  2. Keeping your hands active during weight bearing to support your wrist…
  3. Mobility issues at the shoulder girdle, chest and torso that often force the wrist into awkward positions…
  4. Some non-negotiable rules for durable form when it comes to your wrists with strength training…

​If that is something you would like to know a bit more about, then check out the video below. There I go through not only the above but plenty more when it comes to wrangling in an aching wrist.

How to Fix Wrist Pain with Weight Bearing and Weight Lifting