Strength Training Services

Combining his professional experience as a physical therapist and the strength fundamentals of hardstyle kettlebell training, Noah is able to provide a unique service to those seeking a durable fitness approach. The present insurance system does not reimburse for preventative treatment when it comes to musculoskeletal issues, and yet that is what strength training, done well and done often, can provide. Learning to be strong, and regularly practice being strong is a sustainable approach to living a comfortable life in an able body.


Many of us in our present culture live very busy lives. Whether your are a professional, parent, caretaker, or even a graduate student, life can leave little time to consistently make it to the gym. Due to the sedentary demands of our firstworld lives we all need regular aerobic activity for general health, and all of us need regular strength training to avoid breaking down. What many of us require is a convenient tool to achieve both.

Enter the kettlebell.

Taking up little more space than a corner of a room, it holds the potential to offer both fat burning workouts while developing a resilient body that can handle the demands of our lives. Compact and nearly indestructible, the kettlebell is an excellent tool to engage in both regular strength training and weight loss goals.

Such promises seem almost to good to be true, and one could be forgiven for being skeptical.

The catch is; it requires instruction.

Kettlebell training combines explosive movements and slow hard grinds, each technical in their execution. By and large our culture is not a physically intelligent one any longer, and the vast majority of us do not move as well as we should. This can be learned, though. No one ever said great things would be easy.

Noah has been certified as an instructor through the StrongFirst organization, a rigorous and highly demanding process. This, combined with his knowledge and experience as a physical therapist positions him to offer one an approach to convenient fitness with low risk of injury.


Plain and simple; instruction on technique, and a plan to match your individual goals.

The initial session will require a detailed examination of your movement patterns, and assessment of your current fitness level. This is to best know where to begin, and will take up to 90 minutes. You will be taught the basics of the kettlebell swing, and several accessory drills to improve your ability to take on this efficient and far reaching form of training in a durable manner. In addition you will be provided an initial training plan to get you started, based on your ability, goals and personal schedule.

From there follow up sessions to learn advanced movements, and advanced training approaches will be scheduled on an as necessary basis. This is based on your desires and ability.

During all sessions, kettlebells of varying weights will be provided, and during the initial session this will help decide where to best begin. It is strongly encouraged that as the proper weights for your training are identified you then invest in your own for your daily/weekly practice.


Due to the increased amount of time (90 minutes) the initial session requires, your first session will cost $139. All subsequent sessions to progress skills and technique will simply be an hour long, and only require $92.

Beyond the initial assessment session, a five session bundle can be purchased for $425.


Contact Noah to schedule a consult and begin your journey in kettlebell strength training.