Portland Integrative Physical Therapy is the home of Noah Harrison, DPT.

After spending a decade working in traditional physical therapy settings, he decided that rehabilitation could and should be done differently. Noah founded Portland Integrative Physical Therapy with the intent of putting the person and their own unique story, goals and situation first.

All sessions are one on one with him, completely private, with a full hour given to each session.

There are no approaches taken that the individual cannot ultimately learn to take away with them. He takes a collaborative, multi-system approach with all those he treats to help them both regain what they lost, as well as understand how to keep what is gained in the long term.

Noah treats all musculoskeletal and neurologic issues from head to toe, and enjoys working with active individuals at all levels of ability and at all stages of life. His intention is to both meet you where you are at, while paving a road to where and what you can become.

In many ways Portland Integrative Physical Therapy is about both potential and possibility.

Guiding individuals to become their most capable, resilient and present self is his passion.

Helping those with chronic or recurring issues that have not been helped elsewhere is his speciality.

He lives in Portland, Maine with his wife Heidi, and their young children Isla and Eamon.