Virtual Consults

Portland Integrative Physical Therapy offers virtual consults and sessions for all services in order to help those who are seeking care and guidance while not able to be physically present in Portland, Maine.

Are virtual sessions effective?

While there are many limitations to a virtual based examination, these sessions do work surprisingly well. Nothing will likely replace the nuances of working one on one in person, but the available technology has proven priceless to both bridge distances and maintain the desired safety of the clients that Noah works with during the pandemic.

All sessions can be recorded in part or in whole, and are able to be accessed indefinitely for reference. For an idea of what a virtual can look like, feel free to watch the video below.

How long are virtual session?

Virtual consults are the same as any in-person session; 90 minutes for the Initial Assessment, and one hour for any sessions beyond that.

How do I schedule a virtual session?

Simply contact Noah, and you and he will take it from there.