How to fix wrist pain with weight bearing and weightlifting

With wrist pain there are often some very simple underlying factors that are feeding into the problem, and if they are addressed a chunk of the time the wrist pain is sharply reduced. If not eliminated…

Elbow Pain Simple Solutions

Regardless of the season here in New England, a lot of folks end up at times doing some pretty hefty work taking care of house and home. Perhaps your yard or house, if you have one, is a little like mine. In the fall there is often some pretty significant leaf clean up, in the … Continue reading Elbow Pain Simple Solutions

Stop searching for the perfect chair

If you are like most folks, your days and weeks involve an enormous amount tasks that have one major thing in common. Sitting. We sure do tend to do a lot of it these days don't we? We sit to work, sit to travel, sit to eat, sit to be entertained, sit to relax, sit … Continue reading Stop searching for the perfect chair